Women At Work (like Men at Work but not…get it?)

Hola a todos,

   As promised today I will tackle the subject of… *drum roll please* WORK. My job, to be precise. You see up until now, I saw work more as a way to make cash to spend on myself (still see it that way sometimes to be honest) but I can’t do that anymore! I am becoming an adult, slowly but surely, and  this is a pivotal point in which I must consider the future. If I want to be taken seriously in any professional setting, I must be competent in financial matters like administration, budgeting, and all the other #adulting stuff our parents do. Also I have to pick a job that will help in the long run. Although it’s an automatic headache to think about all the things I don’t know anything about…I must take initiative and my first step is to get a job that will give me experience with kids.

  1. Choose job that will enrich and complement my academic career: check!

   You see, Saturday morning I had a job interview for a kids’ instructor position at a summer camp type thing and I got it! I really wanted the job because I need experience working with kids and it’s perfect because it’s only for the summer so…. you can imagine my excitement when I got it. Oh by the way, I am a speech pathology and child learning and development major so this kind of stuff is GOLDEN. Also, since we are on the note of #adulting I’d like to share the adventure that was the morning of my job interview. 

   It was scheduled to go from 9:30-10am on Saturday morning at a Starbucks about 20 minutes from me. The directions were fairly clear and yet I still found a way to show up at the wrong Starbucks, which in turn made me about 6 minutes late to my interview. I texted the woman who was going to interview me, telling her I’d be late then zoomed on over. Anyway, long story short, I get there and the interview is a success. Now flashback a week prior to the interview, when I was stuck 30 minutes from home in the middle of nowhere because my car wouldn’t start no matter what I did to it. My parents had to come to my rescue and it turned out it was just my starter and all I had to do was tap it a couple of times then it would start magically! Now, fast forward to happy little Penelope all excited she had just landed an amazing summer job and THEN…a dilemma arised. I hit the starter the way I’d done about 5 times in the previous week but it just wouldn’t start. Parents to the rescue part 2.

   Why did I just spend an entire paragraph talking about how my car is old and probably needs a new starter and battery you might ask? Because I felt really childish calling my parents on both occasions my car broke down and it really took a toll on my self confidence. I don’t even know why because calling for help when your car breaks down is independent of age and gender but I still felt insecure about it. I felt that maybe if I had known more about cars (life if I payed for attention in driving school or I don’t know…was a guy?!) I wouldn’t need their help. I also couldn’t help but think that if I had left home for college I might not have anyone to call for help in a situation like that.

   However, as I thought more and more about it I realized that I had no reason to feel that way. If I feel incompetent in the area of “adult-ing” it’s due to lack of experience or merely not taking action, not due to stupidity. In order for me to feel confident in these areas of life I need to ask my parents questions about things I don’t know, and I need to start taking initiative and responsibility in my life. 

   This blog is step one of this plan considering I’ve been wanting to blog ever since I started writing but I was always too scared.  So you see this weekend I achieved two things: an awesome job and a newfound perspective on emerging adulthood. No one is born an adult, we all have to learn how to be one and sometimes the best way to learn is through mistakes. 

P.S The first picture is so incredibly accurate, I didn’t just post it because it was cute. 

P.S.S Thanks for reading you beautiful reader you! 

                                  ‘Til tomorrow, 

                                  Penelope Romanov


 Girl Boss present here! 

e1b174c0b2b7b3b6e4cae5ae248648c2Hola a todos,

I’ve never made my writing public, so this is a first. I thought this an ideal time as there is a lot going on in my life at the moment. Sigh. Emerging adulthood is here and to be quite honest I still feel like a child at times. Nevertheless, my mind equates that of a woman in middle adulthood in that I  ponder my existence and competence religiously.

That is all I do. Analyze, fix, and search for something or someone elsewhere to analyze. My teachers have always said I was an “old soul”, which is really just code for an un-cool kid. It’s a struggle when you get along with your teachers and your mom’s friends more than with your own. But anyway I digress…

Now I’d like to take a moment to lay down my platform, per say. Firstly, these entries will all be true accounts of my life down to the last detail. Secondly, I’d like to say I welcome readers of all ages, sexual identities/preferences, political affiliations, and ethnic backgrounds. I want this to be an open space and while I am open to judgement, know that I am not here to do that to you. I will welcome all conversations regardless. Thirdly, I have no expectation that I will have more than like five readers but for you five: please know that I’m sharing my stories to aid you all in your journey whichever way I can.

That is the true purpose of this blog.

To vent my feelings and validate yours.

This week I will post updates on my life in 5 components:

  • Monday-Work
  • Tuesday-Physical and Mental Health
  • Wednesday-School
  • Thursday-Sex/Love
  • Friday- A poem

‘Til tomorrow,

Penelope Romanov